Joe Jaworski, a Democratic candidate for Texas attorney general, visited Ruby’s Mexican Restaurant on Friday to help a woman who recently became a United States citizen, register to vote.

Rosi Sundin has lived in Tyler for 17 years after traveling from her home country, Brazil. Throughout the years Sundin has lived in the U.S., she had always been a permanent resident, but never really found the need to become a citizen.

“I moved here, got my green card, but never wanted to be a citizen, ever. I just didn’t want to do it,” Sundin said.

The last four to five years motivated her to make the decision that she couldn’t wait any longer. She had to become a citizen for one reason: to vote.

“The first 12 years, I just didn’t care about politics or whatever, and then (President Donald) Trump happened and I saw how bad it is when people don’t participate and make their voices heard,” she said.

He said the moment called for a celebration and that a Brazilian woman becoming a citizen speaks to him about the American promise.

“I’m here asking her for her vote in the Democratic primary, and again in the General Election,” he said. “You said, ‘There’s a better life to be had in America.’ And that America said, ‘Yes, we welcome you,’” Jaworski said.

Jaworski said it was an honor to be there.

“I’m campaigning for Texas Attorney General and what we Democrats want to do is go into rural counties, where allegedly, Democrats fear to tread, to say that we don’t fear to tread. We here together with you, we are encouraging voters to register and turn out to vote,” he said. “Tyler is a really important part of the state. The attorney general ought to have a relationship with it, so that’s why I’m here,” Jaworski said.

He said the most important things he offers include integrity and ethics to be restored to the office of the Texas attorney general.

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