As Attorney General I will never embarrass Texas in The Supreme Court of the United States.

I will never file embarrassing frivolous litigation in any court. When we file it will be to win and protect Texans, not to pull a political stunt.

I will support the Affordable Care Act.

That specifically means I will advocate that we expand Medicaid so that billions in Texans’ tax dollars paid to our federal government return to the state to create jobs, insure families and sustain our vital network of rural hospitals.

I will lead a statewide effort to legalize adult-use recreational purpose cannabis.

…in a regulated, pro business free market to create 30,000 direct industry jobs and raise over $1B in revenue for every Texas legislature; to treat veterans’ PTSD and chronic pain and offer a wellness alternative to opioids so Texas can fight a winning war on addiction; to usher in positive and long overdue social and criminal justice reform; and to give police and prosecutors a break from time consuming, wasteful, petty prosecutions and honor their actual scope of work, their skills and valuable resources,saving over $300 million annually to fight real crime. 

Sign our petition to legalize cannabis here.

I will create a Texas Attorney General Civil Rights Division to protect the civil rights of all Texans. 

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Fair Housing Act of 1968 are the law of the land. Our civil rights are protected by Texas state law as well. As new laws are passed, protected classes are defined and society’s concept of social justice matures, you should be able to count on the Office of the Texas Attorney General to protect civil rights in employment, education, housing, voting, the courts, physical access to accommodations and above all interaction with our criminal justice system. You can expect General Joe Jaworski’s Civil Rights Division to keep the playing field fair for you and your family. 

I will support cities, counties, and school districts in their local decision-making authority.

The Republican Party of Texas has declared war on cities and counties – which is outrageous because every Texan lives in a city or a county. It’s like the Republican leadership is hating on our most basic sense of identity: Our hometowns. I say you should get to live where you want – City, suburbs or the country – and enjoy the freedom of choosing a unique place to live and prosper. Texas is big enough for that. As Attorney General I will support local authorities’ innovative governing. Let Abilene be Abilene; let Houston be Houston; let Tyler be Tyler; and let Brownsville be Brownsville.

I will turn Ken Paxton’s wasteful voter fraud division into General Jaworski’s voter access division.

I’ll diligently prosecute what little fraud exists, and I know the best way to guarantee the integrity of each election: make it easier for everyone 18 and older to vote legally. Texans want to vote, but indicted Attorney General Ken Paxton makes it harder for Texans to vote. He says: “No vote by mail, no after hours voting for shift workers, no drive through voting and only one drop box per county!” Ken Paxton is suppressing Republican and Democratic votes.  Here’s my message to Ken Paxton: “Don’t mess with Texas voters!”