Conservatives and liberals alike, all calling for Mr. Paxton’s resignation, but the Texas Attorney General defiantly refuses to resign. What we’re left with is Ken Paxton versus the world. One cannot effectively run the state’s largest law firm under such a cloud, in such an embattled atmosphere. This is an awkward and unfortunate outcome; it didn’t have to be this way, and it didn’t develop overnight.

You have to ask yourself – what is he holding out for; what’s he fighting to retain? His office is in crisis, and the executive leadership team has either resigned or filed whistleblower paperwork that will make it illegal and expensive to reassign, demote or fire them all – which no doubt is what Mr. Paxton would like to do. 

This is akin to a starting lineup refusing to play for its coach. How can he possibly continue in office? And, if he does, how can Texas citizens allow him to remain there. 

One thing is for sure: the allegations are being investigated. In the event the federal investigation produces clear evidence of illegality, I propose the Texas House should draw up Articles of Impeachment and be ready to vote on them when the next session commences. The Senate should hold a trial once articles are sworn to and produced. Under Texas law Mr. Paxton would be suspended from office the moment the impeachment vote passes by a majority vote of the Texas House. 

In the meantime, Paxton’s prompt removal from office should be a campaign issue for every legislative candidate for election or re-election.