Whatever Ken Paxton’s political future holds, and he is up for re-election in 2022, he is arguably the most powerful and consequential Texas leader in the 2020 election cycle. 

In a way, this is “his” cycle. Already Paxton has sued Harris County to stop Clerk Chris Hollins from mailing applications to vote by mail to registered voters; Paxton so far has “successfully” defended against the Texas Democratic Party’s commendable effort to make vote by mail eligible for all registered Texas voters (a right millions of Americans in other states already enjoy), and he is issuing myriad formal Attorney General and informal letter Opinions to keep voters confused and to protect his authoritarian brand that prohibits cities and counties from exercising self governance.  You know for a fact there will be voting rights litigation from this election, and Paxton and his authoritarian colleagues will be on the wrong side of all of it. 

And if that’s not enough, just wait until 2021 redistricting. 

I’m running to serve as your next Attorney General because I do not share Mr. Paxton’s vision for Texas. My vision is that Texas is the most diverse state in the nation, from the Trans Pecos to the Gulf Coast, from the Panhandle to the Rio Grande Valley, from the Piney Woods of East Texas to the Hill Country and from the Permian Basin to the Coastal Bend. There’s a lot of land to cover, and people to salute, and each community deserves to be heard and respected. My vision is that the popularly elected leaders of urban and rural communities alike are the ones best suited to know their constituents and meet their needs daily, and those communities’  solutions offer the answers to many of our nation’s pressing problems. My view is that one size does not fit all, and in Texas we’re big enough to welcome all sorts of ideas concerning how to proceed onward. 

I’m running to restore integrity to the office of the Texas Attorney General, and I intend to put my thirty years of litigation, mediation and local government experience to good use. I look forward to serving all Texans as the state’s chief lawyer with an eye on protecting the human interests that we all share in common: fairness in consumer matters, local decision-making authority, environmental wellness and public health and safety.

I’m tired of Texas officials who choose to fight culture wars instead of doing their job because people suffer when elected officials fail in their duties.  Join me in doing something about that. Join me in electing  a new Texas Attorney General who will serve Texas well.