“I’d like to offer my endorsement of Joe.  I’ve known him since high school, and while we weren’t very good about keeping in touch all the time, I recognized from the start that he has a solid character.

Now, full disclosure: I am a conservative.  I am a retired Army Colonel, and have been on the conservative side of most political arguments in my life.  However, I’m NOT a Republican, although most of the time their candidate’s positions normally reflect my own.  This time however, that is not the case.

Joe Jaworski’s opponent is a poor public servant, and needs to be retired from public office.  Corruption is not an exclusive province of any one political party, but it is a feature that must be attacked by voters whoever they are, and by whatever political stripe they may identify with.  AG’s are charged primarily with upholding the law, and are supposed to refrain from using the law to advance political interests.  Mr. Paxton does not do that.  That alone is enough to reject his candidacy.   

I care less about party affiliation than I do character and intent.  Joe’s character is solid, and he has demonstrated his willingness to put the public interest before his own.  His position on public housing in Galveston is a testament to that.  He put a public interest before his own political interest, and that speaks volumes for him.

I am not a Texas resident, and I cannot vote in your elections.  I have no vested interest in the outcome of the result of your election.  I don’t know what benefit my modest endorsement will give Joe, but I do know that an honest, principled man will serve the public interest.”

Randy Carlson, Colonel, US Army, Retired