Joe has the background, education and temperament sorely needed at this time in the AG’s office. He has my full support.

Andres Pereira

Principal, Andres Pereira Law Firm, P.C. – Austin, Texas 

Andres Pereira

Joe is an incredibly skilled attorney. Not only does he have a sharp legal mind, he is an individual who cares deeply about others and about making Texas better. 

I am proud to call him a friend, and I strongly endorse him for Attorney General. He would represent the state and its people with conviction, integrity and tireless work ethic. 

Andrew Dao

Attorney, Houston, TX

Andrew Dao

Joe Jaworski is a man of integrity. The Attorney General is the state’s lawyer, we need someone who is going to put the state above themself. We clearly don’t have that right now, but I truly believe Joe Jaworski is the man to do just that. He will represent Texans, not Republicans or Democrats, and help move us forward. 

Andrew King

College Student

Arlington, Texas

Andrew King

Joe leads with a servant’s heart and understands the needs of the community.  Texas needs an Attorney General that will bring back integrity and service to the people of this great State.  We are proud to support Joe. 

Arthur and Noami Campos 
San Antonio, TX

Arthur and Noami Campos

I’ve known Joe for many years as a great and compassionate public servant, fine lawyer, and true friend. He will be a brilliant, effective Attorney General representing the interests of all Texans. 

Barbara Radnofsky
Mediator, Teacher, Lawyer, Author

Barbara Radnofsky

I was a Texas Delegate in 2020 and served on the Texas Platform committee. I have been in involved with several campaigns with Joe and know he has the charismatic ability to lead and turn his Ideas into reality. I endorse Joe Jaworski for Attorney General in the 2022 election

Casey James Putnam, Houston, TX

Casey James Putnam

Joe Jaws is the man for our State. He stands for justice of all people.

Cheri Leblanc – Texas Voter

Cheri Leblanc

Joe has my strong support, we need a Texas AG who we can be proud of.

Congressman Gene Green

Congressman Gene Green

I had the opportunity to witness Joe at work daily for months at a time in his tireless fight for fair and equitable damages in the wake of ever-increasing historic natural disasters, on behalf of families across the state of Texas.”

Joe’s empathetic approach, extensive knowledge of the law, its applications and how they protect his fellow Texans, have been the cornerstone of his law practice and his service as Mayor of Galveston. Joe is in it for we, The People.

Cynthia Fodell Mott

Joe is someone I would be proud to have representing me and other Texans.  His diligent attitude and practical approach to change make him the perfect candidate for Texas Attorney General. 

Evan Ecklund

Houston, TX

Future 2022 Texas Voter

Evan Ecklund

“Joe Jaworski is a skilled lawyer and dedicated public servant.  His ethics are second to none.  He will truly be the lawyer for the People of Texas.”

Former Chair, City of Houston Ethics Committee

Former Chair, American Bar Association Antitrust Law Section

G. Allan Van Fleet, P.C.

An Attorney General shouldn’t spend their time fighting the government or avoiding a criminal investigation. This is why Joe Jaworski has my support.

Hunter Brooks, local business owner

Whitney, TX

Hunter Brooks

Joe will bring integrity, competence, and intelligence back to the Texas AG’s office. Joe is prepared to serve all citizens of Texas and he will help our state overcome the many crises of our time. We need Joe more than ever to be our top law enforcement officer. He has my full support. Joe will return achievement and honesty to Texas government. 

Mack Brown Distinguished Chair for Leadership in Global Affairs

Professor of History and Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin

Jeremi Suri

Joe is forward thinking.  He knows that we have to plan for and invest in the future.  He is smart, articulate, and pragmatic.  He will set an example that we all can follow as we build better lives for ourselves and others.    Joe recognizes that our democracy is built on rules, called law, that provide a framework for success.  We need Joe.  I heartily endorse Joe Jaworski for Texas Attorney General, and encourage others to as well.

Jon Powell

Councilmember Pos. 2

City of Taylor Lake Village, TX

Jon Powell

I met Joe 30 years ago and have witnessed his integrity, work ethic, and dedication as an attorney.  He will be a great AG for all Texans.

Kim McMath, AGC Filtration Group

Kim McMath

I’m pleased to endorse our friend Joe Jaworski as Democratic nominee for Texas Attorney General.
Joe will follow in the footsteps of great men, Jimmy Allred & Jim Mattox, as “The People’s Lawyer” to bring progressive leadership and integrity back to the OAG.

I hope you will extend your full support and dedicated efforts to help elect Joe Jaworski our next Texas Attorney General.

Marta Mattox

Marta Mattox

“I’d like to offer my endorsement of Joe.  I’ve known him since high school, and while we weren’t very good about keeping in touch all the time, I recognized from the start that he has a solid character.

Now, full disclosure: I am a conservative.  I am a retired Army Colonel, and have been on the conservative side of most political arguments in my life.  However, I’m NOT a Republican, although most of the time their candidate’s positions normally reflect my own.  This time however, that is not the case.

Joe Jaworski’s opponent is a poor public servant, and needs to be retired from public office.  Corruption is not an exclusive province of any one political party, but it is a feature that must be attacked by voters whoever they are, and by whatever political stripe they may identify with.  AG’s are charged primarily with upholding the law, and are supposed to refrain from using the law to advance political interests.  Mr. Paxton does not do that.  That alone is enough to reject his candidacy.   

I care less about party affiliation than I do character and intent.  Joe’s character is solid, and he has demonstrated his willingness to put the public interest before his own.  His position on public housing in Galveston is a testament to that.  He put a public interest before his own political interest, and that speaks volumes for him.

I am not a Texas resident, and I cannot vote in your elections.  I have no vested interest in the outcome of the result of your election.  I don’t know what benefit my modest endorsement will give Joe, but I do know that an honest, principled man will serve the public interest.”

Randy Carlson, Colonel, US Army, Retired

Randy Carlson

We’re proud to support Joe Jaworski in his bid to become our state’s next Attorney General. I’ve admired his keen intellect, immense energy and Texas-sized heart since meeting him when he was drum-playing law student at UT.

Publicist Robert Nash and software developer Joe Fister

Austin, TX

Robert Nash and Joe Fister

I attended The University of Texas law school at the same time as Joe and his wife Becca, and have been friends with them and practiced law in Texas for 30 years. I have never known anyone more committed to public service than Joe, or more devoted to the public good, more receptive and willing to talk with people of different views, and more generous, courteous and friendly, even when people do not respond in kind. He is also ferociously fair, brilliant, courageous, hardworking, and principled. To me all of this makes him the ideal public servant — the kind that is desperately needed in this country and in Texas.

Ruth B. Downes, Attorney at Law

Ruth B. Downes

Texas needs visionaries and honest people to lead us into the the 21st century. Joe Jaworski has the experience and fortitude to guarantee that all Texans enjoy justice and prosperity under the law. For this reason,  I am proud to endorse Joe Jaworski for Attorney General.

Sergio Pineda 

President of Pineda Hotels

League City, TX

Sergio Pineda

I have had the honor of knowing Joe for over 20 years. Joe is the right person at the right time to serve Texans as our Attorney General. Join me in working to elect Joe Jaworski in 2022. 

Sherrie Matula

President, Sisters United Alliance 
Texas Democratic activist for 55 years

Sherrie Matula

I wholeheartedly support Joe Jaworski as our next Attorney General.  I’ve had the privilege of knowing Joe for many years, and can personally vouch for his integrity, work ethic and genuine concern for all Texans.   Joe will serve us with honor by putting people over politics.

Trey Mendez

Attorney, Brownsville, TX

Trey Mendez

I support Joe Jaworski to be the new Attorney General of the Great State of Texas. I firmly believe that Jaworski will equally and undoubtable represent the values of all Texans. Jaworski 2022! 

Victor Vasquez III, Laredo, Webb County, TX 

Victor Vasquez III

The Jaworski name stands for integrity and the highest ethical standards in the eyes of many Texans – things that are sorely missing in the Clements Building (Texas AG Office). I am honored to endorse my former boss and mentor Joe Jaworski for his Texas Attorney General candidacy. I have seen first hand his dedication and grit as the Mayor of Galveston. The Texas AG’s Office will be in steady hands with a leader of Jaworski’s caliber at the helm. 

Zhelun Chen

Former Intern, City of Galveston – Mayor’s Office

Zhelun Chen

“I support Joe because he has the principles and policies that will benefit EVERYONE in Texas. I support Joe’s bid to be our AG 110%.”

Zohaib Qadri, Team Joe Volunteer 

Zohaib Qadri