Spring primaries and November 2022 general elections are still off in the distance, but in West Texas one candidate is already hitting the campaign trail. Last week, Joe Jaworski visited eight local cities on his “West Texas Swing,” hoping to shore up support for his bid to become the next attorney general of Texas.

Jaworski’s two-day tour met constituents at campaign stops in Pecos, Fort Stockton, Alpine, Marfa, Van Horn, Presidio, Terlingua and Marathon, answering attendees’ questions and sharing ideas from his platform.

The former Galveston City Council member, former mayor and longtime trial lawyer said that if elected into state office, he would stop the current AG’s practice of filing “frivolous” lawsuits, become a figurehead for the legalization of recreational cannabis and offer his office’s support to local governments.

“Your local government cares about you – your mayors, your county judges, your school superintendents – and right now the GOP leadership is in an ideological battle with local control,” Jaworski told residents during his campaign stop in Marfa. “[Local control] is something that Republicans used to promote as part of their ideology and they have long abandoned it.”

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