“No one–absolutely no one–is above the law”

These are the words of Joe’s grandfather, Leon Jaworski.  Nearly five decades ago he took over as Watergate special prosecutor after the shocking Saturday Night Massacre.  He had the guts to take on corruption in our nation’s highest office by fighting for justice in our nation’s highest court. And he succeeded because no one is above the law. 

This is why Joe is running for Texas Attorney General.  In Texas, too many of our public officials think they are above the law.  The tearing down of our institutions has led us to lose faith in our democracy.  We need someone who can restore integrity to public service in Texas.  Someone who chooses right over wrong. Someone who will use our legal system to fight for fairness and justice.

That’s what Joe has done his entire career, as a lawyer and as a Mayor.  We need an Attorney General with the courage of Joe’s grandfather — the courage to stand up to the politically powerful.  Joe is prepared to live up to that legacy.  

Joe Jaworski is a third-generation Texas trial attorney and former Mayor of Galveston, Texas. Joe’s term as mayor was defined by his unwavering support for and success in rebuilding Galveston’s storm-devastated public housing; a political choice that made a positive difference for thousands of Island residents but cost him a second term.

Joe earned his bachelor’s from North Carolina’s Davidson College and his law degree from the University of Texas at Austin. In between college and law school, Joe played drums for four years in a national touring and recording band – North Carolina’s “Other Bright Colors.”

In 2021, he enters his thirtieth year of practice, a career that began as law clerk to United States Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit Judge John R. Brown, followed by a robust Admiralty defense trial practice representing Gulf Coast maritime interests and, then, a rewarding plaintiff’s trial practice representing injured maritime workers. From these various career experiences he finally found his niche.

Joe owns The Jaworski Law Firm, headquartered in Galveston, and his practice is 100% mediation. He specializes in mediating Defense Base Act claims, mediating hundreds of claims annually domestically and abroad; these are the claims brought by military contractors for personal injuries arising from the War on Terror.

Joe and his wife Rebecca have two children and live in Galveston.